iOS 15 Photos app + Siri is getting more useful

iOS 15 Photos app shows plant info within the app using Siri & ML

Hitting the Books: How Tesla engineers solved the exploding battery

Through trial and error, the team realized that if they had each cell lined up a few millimeters from its neighbor, snaked a tube of liquid between them, and dumped a brownie-batter-like mixture of minerals into the resulting battery pack, they could create a system that contained overheating. If a defective cell within began to overheat, its energy would dissipate to its neighboring cells, with no individual cell ever reaching combustibility.

AirTag sent to Tim Cook at Apple Park is returned with a letter – 9to5Mac

The AirTag sent to Elon Musk arrived at SpaceX headquarters and stayed there for two and a half weeks, when it was then detected at a recycling center before its last signal in Castaic, California. Unsurprisingly, the AirTag sent to North Korea never reached its destination.

The AirTag sent to Tim Cook, on the other hand, arrived at Apple Park and stayed there for six weeks before being sent back to Germany. It turns out that Apple returned the AirTag with a letter to the YouTuber. The letter was even printed on a paper with rounded corners, and was

Hobbled Hubble Telescope Springs Back To Life On Its Backup System : NPR

Hubble’s main onboard computer is an Intel 486 computer whose 25 megahertz speed was the best available (and rated for space travel) when astronauts upgraded the system around the turn of the century.

KCTV5 News on Twitter: “FISH DROP: Thousands of fish were dropped from a plane into lakes near Bicknell, Utah

Einstein was ahead of his time