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Difference that VPN & router settings make to Internet speed

Speed test via the speed test app, everything on phone via WiFi: 1. Router 5GHz Ireland VPN
2. Router 5GHz no VPN
3. Router 2.4 with VPN

American ingenuity to feel slim #A4waist

After a heavy meal when your jeans don’t close, or you just generally are a 36 waist and want to fit in a 28.

Manan Kakkar

Dystopian future of autonomous cars

Imagine a world where all of Volkswagen’s cars are configured to slow down, move to the side and stall when a Bentley is coming through in traffic.

Great for emergency responders configured to work with smart cities sensors. But terrible for elite classism.

An appropriate response in the encryption debate

Imagine Cook sending this to the senate committee.

Spotted at a restaurant in Carson City, NV.

What $7 of promoted Facebook ad gets you

For the following article I spent $7 for a week on Facebook to promote the article.

My regions were India, US, UK and a few others.

My choice of keywords included vegetarian, food, restaurants, and some more.

The results were underwhelming to say the least. All interaction was from India which was very disappointing. Almost as of no one in the West likes Indian food.

Any how here are some metrics from Facebook:

Regards, Manan Kakkar

Something new, something fresh, almost here.

Slowly & steadily we are nearing the public release of @everythingms 2.0 & something much bigger. Sneak peak:

A must-have app for 16GB iPhone owners

A 16GB iPhone is a disgrace to modern day technology. So fuck you Apple.

Having said that, if you have 1, you should get this app to sort your camera roll based on size so you can clean it up.

Also, get yourself Microsoft’s OneDrive to store all your camera roll on the cloud. That’s my setup. Photos go to OneDrive and then I delete them from the phone.

Photo Cleaner – Delete, compress photos & videos by Jinpyo Hong

See the wireless signals around you

This app is all sorts of trippy. It visualizes wireless signals around you based on open source data available through NASA satellite location, open source wifi and cell tower info.

Manan Kakkar