Indian govt.’s dismal attention to the armed forces

The worry among military experts is that India’s budgeted defence expenditure is merely 1.74% of the projected GDP for 2014-15, much less than the 3% being demanded for years to ensure modernization and requisite deterrence against both China and Pakistan. In fact, it’s even less than the 1.79% and 1.9% figures, respectively, of the last two fiscals.

Moreover, revenue expenditure (day-to-day costs and salaries) has gone up to Rs 134,412 crore, surpassing by far capital expenditure for new weapons, sensors and platforms at Rs 89,588 crore. A major chunk of the capital outlay will go to “committed liabilities”, not leaving much for new projects despite the armed forces being desperate for submarines and howitzers, air defence weapons and helicopters.

10% defence outlay hike will only cover inflation

Obviously with the petty budget we will end up with stuff like:

The T-90S fleet, as reported by TOI earlier, has grappled with glitches in its missile and thermal imaging systems right since its induction after India first ordered 310 of these tanks for over Rs 4,087 crore under a February 2001 contract with Russia. 

With the next order for 347 tanks in November 2007 and the indigenously-produced tanks also beginning to roll out subsequently, the Army has till now inducted about 800 such tanks. All are without ACs despite the MoD and Army belatedly realizing the desperate need for them. 

Govt buys non-AC tanks, draws CAG fire

What a disgrace.


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