What phones did the #AppSung jury use personally

When it comes to their gear, the jurors generally are not on the bleeding edge. One member owns an iPhone and no one owns a Samsung smartphone. However, two of them own Samsung feature phones. One of the unemployed jurors said he doesn’t own a mobile phone.
Interestingly, LG is a popular phone maker with the jury. Three of the jurors own LG phones and the last handset owned by the juror currently without a mobile phone was an LG. Two jurors own Android phones.
The juror with the most gadgets owns an LG Android phone, a Kindle Fire tablet, a MacBook, and an iPod Touch. This person also owns a TV and a DVD player made by Samsung. One female juror told the court during jury selection that she was considering buying an iPad.
When asked why, the woman juror responded: “I love the technology. I mean, you could sit around in the yard and play with it. Apple comes out with really, really nice stuff.”

This is some useful and good reporting.


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