Hi @maximumpc, care to credit sources? Please?

It is unfortunate when a website as reputed as Maximum PC writes articles as if they found stories and don’t bother credting sources at all. Back in 2010 I found a Microsoft research project which was picked up by TechFlash and quite a few other websites, Maximum PC carried the story and cited nobody as their source, as if they found the story. After exchanging a few words with someone from Maximum PC they decided to credit TechFlash and did not mention me, some arrogance they have! Anyway, they did edit the post, they say they forgot, but they didn’t, they did not want to credit anyone.

Now, 2011, they’ve done the same. Carried a story that I found which was then picked up by several reputed sites and Maximum PC has cited nobody. Looks like they found everything.

June 10th, 2011 – Here’s my article on Microsoft’s trademark about Xbox NUAds:


June 13, 2011 – TechCrunch carries the article citing me:


June 13, 2011 – Maximum PC writes as if they found the trademark:



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