Behind Instagram’s Success & Why Google Can’t Emulate It

Came across an article by Frank Gruber that pointed some reasons behind Instagram’s viral success and Robert Scoble’s article why Google can’t duplicate the same social success.

Instamania! What Makes The Instagram iPhone App So Hot?

  • Instagram brings the instant party
  • Instragram spreads the word… when you want, how you want, where you want
  • Instagram offers instant feedback, immediately
  • Instagram filters make anyone look like a rockstar photographer
  • Instragram does not discriminate against old photos
  • Instragram is free!

And here’s Scoble’s take:

Why Google can’t build Instagram

  • Google can’t keep its teams small enough.2. Google can’t reduce scope like Instagram did.
  • At Google, if a product becomes successful, will get tons of resources and people thrown at it.
  • Google forces its developers to use its infrastructure, which wasn’t developed for small social projects.
  • Google’s services need to support every platform.
  • Google’s engineers can’t use any Facebook integration or dependencies like Instagram does.
  • Google can’t iterate in semi-public.
  • Google can’t use Eric Ries-style tricks

Both make very good points.


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