I finally get my Windows Phone 7: The Samsung Focus

All thanks to the awesome AT&T rep – Toby, Rohan and Farhad! Awesome guys!   The gray tshirt is the Windows Phone tshirt we got at PDC10 and yes, I wore it the whole time today!


5 thoughts on “I finally get my Windows Phone 7: The Samsung Focus

  1. Sathya says:

    Homescreen looks great. ‘grats. Hoping you’ll post a review soon.

  2. Reetesh Y V says:


    And here I am, standing in the cold just to experience the launch of stuff (not even buying)

    Gotta start shaking some hands and making connexshuns to get me some stuff too…

    but man, what about your university studies? :P You be managing good!

  3. Manan Kakkar says:

    Black Ops? Best Buy already had Black Ops on the shelves today. I pre-order on Steam. As far as studies… well who gives a fuck.

  4. Reetesh Y V says:

    Yeah, I was there for the launch [ http://twitpic.com/3581r3 ] yesterday :P

    Not just that thing, Reach,Black Ops and could have made it to others but no company that time. Finally decided to go even with no company (going out alone in midnight in buffalo streets is not that… well, lets just say, its like Gotham in some levels )

  5. Rahul Manekari says:

    Congratulations manan … :) enjoy

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