Of Journalists, Facts, English, Trolls and @RWW

The other day I did a post for ZDNet on India’s UID project and then later I came across a post via retweets titled:

    “India Forces A Billion People to Register for Security Database”

Since it was from Read Write Web, a reputed blog, I read through the post only to see that the author was mistaken when he said that India “forced” anyone into doing anything. I tweeted it to the author, Curt Hopkins that that’s not the case. He in his wisdom refuted that he was correct. We argued. He called me a troll (which I don’t care about, I’ve been called worse things) I realized there was no point continuing the discussion. I then tweeted out to RWW co-editor @MarshallK who did not reply.

Today, I went to the blog and saw that quite a few Indians took offense to the post, to the references of RIM, CWG etc. which wasn’t my concern and I don’t really care what one has to say about India or the government. The problem with this particular post is that the headline is fucking wrong! The UID project is optional as of now! IT’S FUCKING OPTIONAL!

Comment #32 is from the author of the post where he explains how UID is different from SSN and ends it with this sentence:

    My analysis of the situation may bruise egos, but it has the virtue of being accurate.

I replied with something like this:
You’re a journalist you should know better.

there’s a difference between:

“India forces […]”

“My analysis of the situation […] has the virtue of being accurate”

has the virtue of being

I’m no English laureate but the tenses are different …. yada yada
The reason I paraphrased my comment was because it was deleted and commenting is now disabled. Egos bruised? Not mine. But someone who isn’t ready to accept the fact that he is wrong, well perhaps.

I don’t give a rats ass about freedom of speech while commenting on blogs and that debate. The point is, RWW is a reputed blog, the post has been tweeted/retweeted several times, claiming that India is forcing people when it is not, is spreading misinformation, as a reader/blogger I pointed it out.

My respect for RWW has gone out for a toss.

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