What @marshallk learnt from @arrington about blogging

Things I Learned About Blogging from Michael Arrington

  • A great blogger is always on. Looking back over my emails while working for TechCrunch, many of them are apologies for not having anything posted by 10am, or explaining why I am stopping work on a Friday evening.
  • It’s important to be first, but if you’re not first – it’s important to link to whoever you learned about something from. The blogosphere is a trail of links, and status is built by earning links from others.
  • It’s good to stir the pot, to challenge people who need challenging, but it’s also important to give people the respect they deserve.
  • Details matter in your writing. Unclear, imprecise language is important to avoid.
  • The background of company founders is important. It should influence who you chase down to write about and it should be included in any write-up of a startup.
  • Conference sessions are boring and pointless, it’s usually better to work the halls for stories.
  • Even a big, career advancing scoop is not worth ruining someone else’s career to get.


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