5 Sources To Understand Inception and The Concepts

I finally saw Inception day before yesterday and went through my bookmarks to read the Inception articles I carefully avoided thus far. Here are 4 interesting articles and one infographic on Inception:

in the movie, we learn that the further the heroes dive into a person’s subconscious–into a dream within a dream within a dream, and so on–the more slowed-down time becomes. So if composer Hans Zimmer is playing us a super-slowed-down version of “Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien,” then the implication is that we’re still submerged deep within the dream, far from the kick that will wake us up
If portions of the film are real and Saito is really a key player in the same energy industry as Fischer, shouldn’t Fischer have recognized Saito?

It’s rather unbelievable that two people could become titans of the same industry and not know who one another are, so conceivably Fischer should have recognized Saito first aboard the plane, and secondly in the hotel within dream level 2 (the appearance of a corporate rival would presumably have shattered the illusion of the Mr. Charles gambit). I suppose the only plausible explanation is that Fischer was so uninvolved in his father’s company that he wouldn’t know what his competition looks like. 

What these experiments reveal is the essential mental process of movie-watching. It’s a process in which your senses are hyperactive and yet your self-awareness is strangely diminished. Now here’s where things get interesting, at least for this interpretation of Inception. When we fall asleep, the brain undergoes a similar pattern of global activity, as the prefrontal cortex goes quiet and the visual cortex becomes even more active than usual.


To end it, here’s a link that will explain Inception – the movie and what all happened

In Limbo, the mind works so fast that actual minutes can be interpreted as years gone by. When Saito “dies” from the gunshot wound he received on level 1 of the dream, his mind falls into Limbo, and Saito remains there for the minutes it takes Cobb and Ariadne (Ellen Page) to follow him into Limbo – those minutes in one dream state feel like decades to Saito in his Limbo state.  By the time Cobb deals with expelling Mal’s “shadow” from his subconscious, Saito has begun to perceive himself as an old man.



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