Beautiful message after completing Ubuntu installation


Gotta <3 open!


5 thoughts on “Beautiful message after completing Ubuntu installation

  1. Sathya says:

    Your hard disk is going to die soon.

  2. Manan Kakkar says:

    I would be surprised. This is a less than a month old Dell Mini.

  3. Sathya says:

    Age doesn’t matter. We’ve had the infamous Seagate 7200.11 hard drives dying less than week after purchase. Another possibility is loose cable/bad cable contact.

  4. Manan Kakkar says:

    Fair enough. Will get that checked but as a side note, I installed Ubuntu to 3 machines and all three gave the same error. Someone Facebook said it comes after each install.

  5. Sathya says:

    Well not sure about it coming on every install, I didn’t get it. I’m just saying from my experience that these sort of errors are generally symptoms of hardware errors which are likely to manifest at a later stage. Just ensure you have backups incase something goes wrong.

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