Tamoggemon Ltd. Trashes Windows Phone 7 by Spamming Bloggers

Grapes are sour, indeed. Here is their website – http://www.tamoggemon.com/

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Tam Hanna <tamhan@tamoggemon.com>
Date: Mon, Feb 15, 2010 at 10:34 PM
Subject: Tamoggemon CEO: Microsoft tries to out-iPhone the iPhone
To: manan@beingmanan.com

Tamoggemon CEO: Microsoft tries to out-iPhone the iPhone



Tam Hanna, CEO

————————————Plain-text version – no HTML
Tam Hanna, Tamoggemon’s CEO states the following:

“When I saw the slides, one thing was clear for me: this is an iPhone
clone. Windows Mobile as we know it is dead! If my XPERIA X1 would run
that, I’d ditch it ASAP”

Microsoft has attempted to out-iPhone the iPhone, and has thereby
forgotten about the core values of its operating system. The iPhone
always was mainly used for entertainment/gaming, while the Windows
Mobile boxen were admittedly boring but great at getting work done.

Different use cases require different user interfaces: various carriers
have tried to sell the iPhone into businesses, and have failed. Similar
things can be said about the BlackBerry Storm, which followed the same

The strength of Windows Mobile was platform diversity – this is
something which has been lost on the 7 series. Of course, not all is
bad. Dr. Doris Maria Kohrs, director of design and QA, states the

“Even though the hardware diversity was great for customers, the work of
my department will get easier: less hardware variety leads to less
design / testing effort, which always is a good thing.”

In the end, we see Microsoft’s WM7 selling well, but at the expense of
the current community. The operating system has become “one of many”
entertainment-driven systems – its unique for-business features are

Should anyone of you have further questions, need pictures or feel like
an interview, please get in touch! We will be in Barcelona from tomorrow
onwards for a personal meeting!

——————About Tamoggemon———————-
Tamoggemon Ltd. is a software company developing solutions for Palm OS
and Symbian. We furthermore run enthusiast web sites and offer
consulting in all areas of mobile.


One thought on “Tamoggemon Ltd. Trashes Windows Phone 7 by Spamming Bloggers

  1. Vikas SN says:

    LOL! I got their mail too.

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