District 9. Hollywood’s Way of Making Sunny Deol Look Cool


Finished watching District 9. Dumb movie.

Hollywood’s way of making Sunny Deol look cool. All this while Bollywood had the perfect superhero character and they just fucked it up by keeping him human. Coming back to D9, the narrative documentary style was quite cool.

Maybe there’ll be a sequel, the messiah of the aliens fighting for justice on Earth waiting till the mothership returns after 3 years. If we can have spider bites, aliens from Krypton, scientific experiments going haywire, why not spill some alien (petroleum) fuel and make a new alien superhero that’ll fight humans in an Iron Man suit? Fucking brilliant!

It’s the perfect script for another rubbish superhero movie. But, somehow I get the feeling they won’t do a District 10.

hmm … on a tangential thought, is Dharavi the real District 9?



One thought on “District 9. Hollywood’s Way of Making Sunny Deol Look Cool

  1. Arun Vijayan says:

    As you mentioned, it is a perfect script for another superhero movie. Only thing is it is not a super hero movie and they never wanted to make one. Also a notable thing is, even if it has been produced by americans, it IS more of a South African movie. The 29 year old director, the protagonist, the tech team, all are from SA.

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