Cousin Sister Problem – Digit’s Technology Discussion Forum

well, i have only a few minutes…

this is the situation..

Day before Yesterday:
My cousin(girl) came to my house for her holidays. She found GTA:SA, GTA:VC on my pile of discs. And requested to install it. felling pity to her i insalled the game


The girl is playing the games 24/7. She dosen’t care swearing, nudity and violence in the game. She’s enjoying it all. The problem is i barely have a chance to get my hands on the computer. Mean while, she is using cheats and thinking that she is ultimate in the game..


She has gone to take her bath. And will be here in 5mins. Now, tell me a way to disable cheats and to convince girl in a nice way that she should not play the game is she is 17 years only. She knows about all things. She has a Boy Friend too. When i told her to not play the game she told me exactly “Fu(k off”. We are close enough to a rude talk. but i can’t talk rudely to that girl.

So, please tell me a way to disable cheats in both the games…

damn, i think she’s out from the bathroom. gotta close this..





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