Want to lead India?

Two years ago, you decided to step forward and DO something about the way our country is run, and the quality of politicians we elect to run it. You chose to speak up rather than merely crib from the sidelines.

Today, on the eve of the most important general elections we’ve probably ever had, the nation needs a concerned citizen like you. To ensure that we don’t again waste this once-in-five-years opportunity, like we have been doing for the past 60 years.

The Times of India is set to launch Lead India ’09, a country-wide campaign across all our newspapers, with the aim of ensuring that better candidates are put up and elected in the coming elections. The campaign will first try to put pressure on political parties to feature better candidates, by mobilizing the opinions of lakhs of thinking individuals around the country; and then act as a Voters’ Guide to help voters make a more informed choice, through detailed investigation of all key candidates in 40 urban constituencies.

To enable Lead India ‘09 to become a powerful peoples’ movement, it needs a core band of volunteers willing to play the role of catalysts. As a member of this core, your main role would be to ignite the minds of our countrymen – through heart-felt participation in blogs and discussion boards… or indeed by hosting your own blogs on any issue close to your heart. You would also be expected to reach out to friends in various community websites and involve them in the movement through simple pledges like ‘I say NO to criminals in politics’ or ‘I’ll not let my vote go waste’. Therefore, please let us know the social networking sites (e.g. Facebook, Orkut etc) which you are a member of.

So, if you want to be a change agent in this historic election, do write back to us by February 23rd and we’ll give you a special pass and pre-registration to the forthcoming Lead India ’09 website.

I do hope you decide to come on board.

Rahul Kansal
Director, The Times of India


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