Slumdog, Oscars & Rahman

So now the blogosphere is filled with the news on clean sweep at the Oscars by Slumdog Millionaire. Everyone giving their opinion. Well, one’s entitled to it. With all those who say that Slumdog does not deserve the Best Movie, I agree. In fact here is what I said when I saw the film:

ohk seriously what’s the big deal with Slumdog? It’s an average movie with a good plot. That’s it. (View Tweet)

With all those who say that ‘Jai Ho’ isn’t Rehman’s best work & he has done better. I agree. But then again how many of them were nominated for the Oscars?

The point is that this should not be considered as an award for Slumdog but as an appreciation of a genius who otherwise might not have got it. Indian cinema if taken to the West as their mainstream cinema we can expect more of these but until that happens we can only hope for foreign directors giving Indian flavors to their movie & our guys in turn put their best foot forward.

The movie is average but it got the attention of the West. Because it’s been done by a foreigner or maybe because Boyle knew how to market it. When I looked at Boyle’s expression during the awards for some reason I felt genuineness in his eyes as if he did find Bombay a city worth depicting & he made the movie with his heart. As far as those who say it is “poverty porn” … go fuck yourselves.


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